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Hi, this is Rich Douglas. I'm just a normal video game geek who got lucky enough to turn that love into a full fledged career as a video game composer 12 years ago. I play all sorts of games from retro systems, PS4, steam.. you name it. In fact, the games I've scored in the past like Lifeless Planet, Insurgency, and Shadowgate, are all titles I enjoy playing. I love what I do, life is just too damn short not to.

I've been sharing my music here on bandcamp for three years and am here to tell you guys about a new and extremely awesome feature... subscriptions. For a measly $20 a year you not only get access to my entire back catalog of 15 releases, but also EVERY new release I put out. On top of that, you also will get exclusive access to B-sides, unreleased tracks, alternate takes, and any other wild musical experiments I decide to throw out there. So not only are you helping to support me as a composer you're getting some amazingly rad insider stuff and every crazy release I have planned for the future, pretty cool eh?

I really truly appreciate all of the past and current support and wouldn't be where I am today without you awesome listeners. Frankly, I'm glad that some of you find joy out of listening to my music. Stay tuned, there's tons more music coming and some exciting game projects I've been asked to be apart of!

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Rich Douglas
Central, Texas
My name is Rich Douglas and I have worked in the video game industry as a composer / sound designer for 12 years.

Games I have scored include Outpost 13, Insurgency, Lifeless Planet, Shadowgate, Evochron Mercenary, and Takedown.

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