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Stuntman Ignition Soundtrack

by Rich Douglas

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My music from the 2007 Xbox 360 / PS4 game Stuntman Ignition, which was the second game I scored very early on in my career. I composed music for about 60% of the game, the other music was either licensed or composed by Bob Daspit and Cris Velasco (and not included on this release). As there were multiple composers and licensed music involved this release is not complete but does include every note I wrote for the game. As most levels had a strict time structure, I scored these levels like I would have a film which explains their short length.

This release contains all of my music from the game as well as a few demos, alternates, and rejected pieces of music.

Stuntman Ignition was broken up into six fictional "films" with each film spanning a handful of levels.

STRIKE FORCE OMEGA is an 80s military action thriller film in the vein of The A-Team and Megaforce. I scored this film in its entirety and my music for it is one massive homage to the 80s action scores from Jerry Goldsmith (complete with analog synth work). This bit of the soundtrack is the cornerstone of this release and what I'm most proud of.

NEVER KILL ME AGAIN is a parody of Die Another Day, as well as many James Bond films and is set in the present-day Beijing, China. It is the sequel of Live Twice For Tomorrow which was featured in the first game. My music from this film is a huge homage to the James Bond music of David Arnold.

AFTERSHOCK is a disaster film in the vein of Dante's Peak and Volcano. This film is set in present-day British Columbia. My score covers Mountain Climb, Aftershock, and Rain of Terror and definitely a love letter to the action writing of Jerry Goldsmith.

A WHOOPIN AND A HOLLERIN II is a comedy/adventure film parodying The Dukes of Hazzard. It is the sequel to the eponymous film from the previous game. Bob Daspit scored all of the levels from this film but my rejected theme is on this album.

OVERDRIVE is a 70s-esque thriller and street crime in the vein of Bullitt and Starsky & Hutch about a bad cop who takes on a ruthless drug lord. It is set in present-day San Francisco. I scored one level in this film, which is included here.

NIGHT AVENGER is a parody of the Tim Burton version of Batman and is filmed in the present-day Chicago, IL but takes place in the fictional city of "Darkdom", much like Gotham City from Batman. I did two demos for this film that were unused but are included on this release.

My rejected menu theme is here, but the piece we ended up using is Mustang Nismo by Brian Tyler and that is not included here for obvious reasons.

OUTLANDER. This track is interesting because it was my demo for Strike Force Omega back when it was a Mad Max clone called Outlander. Ultimately that film had to be totally retooled because well... we did not have the Mad Max license and it was extremely close to that film series in look and tone.... as was my music.


released October 2, 2018


all rights reserved



Rich Douglas Central, Texas

My name is Rich Douglas and I have worked in the video game industry as a composer / sound designer for 15 years.

Games I have scored include Stranger Things, Insurgency, Lifeless Planet, Shadowgate, Evochron Mercenary, and Stuntman Ignition.
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